What To Look For In A REALTOR®

Dated: 07/16/2018

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When starting your home search, the mass amounts of properties on the market can be overwhelming. What can be more overwhelming is the mass amounts of Realtors jumping down your ears to sell you their homes too. How do you go about picking the Realtor that has your best interest in mind? Here's a few simple steps. 

1. Research their companies. Find out which companies have the highest raties with their home buyers. 

2. Don't be afraid to pick a new agent. New agents are often the most eager and fresh to the market. They typically have the most time to share with you and will make sure each step of the home buying process is as easy as possible. 

3. Call a couple Realtors on the phone. See if you click when you speak with them. You can't find the home of your dreams if you're constantly arguing with your Realtor. This will also give you an opportunity to see which Realtor sticks to their word. You'll want to ask them to send you some listings they think will match what you're best looking for. 

4. The most important- make sure you are comfortable with your Realtor. They shouldn't be someone scary. You should easily be able to call them and never feel like an inconvience when talking or meeting. 

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